B O D Y 〰️ C O N F I D E N C E

WOW – I’m finally breaking up from my travel blogs and creating a blog on my personal side. This subject to me is so touchy and I am sure I’m not the only one in this boat. Body image is such a massive part In todays society, we come into contact with many different people everyday whether you are a barista at your local coffee shop, you are a host at your local restaurant or whether you are just a retail salesperson in a retail shop. You would have defiantly encounter someone that would be suffering from body confidence.


I grew up in a small country town in NSW, Australia and I was a kid that never was the skinniest – I am one of 4 girls and two of us are bigger in size and my other two sisters are skinny. I remember thinking I wanted to be skinny like my two sisters. They could wear whatever they like whereas me and my older sister struggled, still to this day I struggle finding clothing to wear. Body image is something that everyone in this world can relate too, whether you are male or female. You go through different stages in life where you are completely happy within yourself and then there’s other times where you are completely unhappy with you and life, thats when depressing feelings and emotions come into play. I have been like that in my life.


As a kid I have always been bigger then everyone else. I never got on a scale back then because I never believed in that. But thinking about my past life the struggle in both primary and high school were real. I always covered up in larger jackets. I remember in High School we had a complete new uniform come into effect and I didn’t want to wear the pleated skirt – but I had too and so I made sure I always wore shorts underneath just incase anything was to happen. I always competed in sports (where I could). My parents really wanted my younger sister to be that golden child – she could succeed at anything and my mum would push her, and well I just went along for the ride. Both my younger sister and I competed in swimming meets once a week as well as swimming training 3 times a week. We both competed in Field Hockey in the winter and then I had decided I wanted to participate in Baton Twirling for my local club. I was always active as a kid but I was never skinny out of it, I was always fighting my demons until now…


Im 29 years old – I’m about to hit that 30 mark. But in the last few years I had dramatically put more weight on then ever before. I remember walking into my doctors office and asking to cut my weight off because when I left Canada in may 2015 I was 76kg fast forward three months later and I had tipped 100kgs. The most depressing moment of all time. My doctor sent me for the usual tests and he thought It would be a great time to put me on a meal plan – a meal plan that he and his wife created for their patients. I did that plan for 8 weeks and nothing had accumulated out of it. I remember he saying to me that I didn’t stick to it properly and in that moment I walked out and found another doctor that cares about what I say and not what he/she thinks is best. My second doctor sent me for the usual tests – he wasn’t happy with the results so he sent me to a specialist an endocrinologist, where he took the time to get to the bottom of my quick constant weight gain, it was official I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. Since the main purpose of thyroid hormone is to “run the body’s metabolism”, its understandable that people with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism. Its a common condition that not many people may know that they are suffering from it. It’s treatable with certain medication – which I was on for a short period of time. I do need another check up.


A big thank you needs to be shouted out to a good friend of mine Alesha Pimm who owns Building Elite. When I was at my very most vulnerable stage she stepped in and help me gain my confidence back. This photo to the right is me at the south Grand Canyon when I was on a contiki trip in July/August of 2017. I remember in this moment I was reflecting on everything that had happened in my life and if it wasn’t for real friendships and the love of my family I wouldn’t be in a place I’m in now. Thank you Alesha for your commitment to the community and showing me the strength that I have from within.

I’m signing off with a few favourite photos of all time. These photos of me below was shot from a good friend of mine Captured dreams by Melanie. I remember messaging her and asking to do a boudoir shoot as I had seen some in Vancouver, and she was happy to do the shoot – I remember being so nervous, never have I ever decided to do anything like this but you know I was feeling good and it was something that I wanted to remember for future. I’m so glad that I had taken the plunge and created these amazing images, because I can look back at them and say yep thats me with all the body confidence in the world.

A quote to live by is “Life is so much more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale” – Tess Munster