Its Tuesday the 17th of October. Its been 13 days since I have touch down into Vancouver and made my way up to the beautiful town of Whistler.

Some of you are aware but I have been to Whistler before. January 2014 to may 2015 I enjoyed the company of friends and also I loved showing my family around in May before I made my journey back home.

Before coming to whistler I thought I had everything sorted. But sometimes not everything goes to plan but hey whats life if it doesn’t throw you curveballs every once in a while.

I landed in Vancouver on Wednesday 4th of October. I made my way through to customs, collected all my bags and then proceeded to immigration where I had a daunting task of waiting for my visa – yet the line was like 2 hours long. In future don’t land at lunchtime if you are getting a working/student visa. My plan of attack was to get my visa, head outside to get a taxi, head into the city get my sin (social insurance number) and head back to the airport to catch the bus to whistler – well that was one curveball, because the immigration line was super long I ended up staying a night in Vancouver and being Thanksgiving accommodation was expensive. So I messaged a good friend of mine and she was happy to give me a friend rate for the four seasons. Luxury come at me…

Thursday I finally made my way to whistler after getting everything I needed to get – SIN number & Phone number. Making your way up from Vancouver to whistler through the mountains is so breathtaking – if you haven’t been to the side of the country or the world its a must to get here. I knew in that moment that I was coming home and it felt so good.

I settled in to my new home – I brought over from Australia all my bedding as my room didn’t have anything there – I slept so well that night. Friday morning came I had to sort out some loose ends for my job on the mountain after that was done I then made my way to work, my housemate was nice enough to give me some work straight away being thanksgiving – Whistler blackcomb have an annual sale on this weekend and its known as turkey sale. I had the best time getting in there and working with people that I have known since I last left which was 2.5 years ago.

I haven’t work since as its quiet season. Its currently fall so its raining down in the village, snowing up on the mountain. Its slowly getting cold which only means one thing Winter is around the corner…

Until next time

Chloe xx

A throwback picture Winter 2014-2015DSCN0192


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