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Hello my friends. I want to thank everyone for there amazing support from my first blog. If you haven’t already seen my first blog, please feel free to read it 😃 This is a new thing for me so I’m still learning. Plus I’m really excited to see where this takes me. My intentions on my blog posts are to write one a week. so feel free to sign up and follow me but I will link it to all my social media accounts for you all to read and follow.

So this is my second post and its a travel post:-

This is my second time flying a return flight from Vancouver with Air New Zealand – first one was October 2014 and todays flight 4th October 2017, ironically they are both in October hehe but I remember vividly about the first flight that no matter where you sat on the plane you were treated like you were someone. Unfortunately in previous times of flying in my opinion the flight crew just don’t seem to appreciate their guests on the flight to the destination. But I remember about my first trip with Air New Zealand – it was a massive day I worked the morning of the flight as my departure wasn’t until 6pm, I then made my way down to Vancouver from Whistler I finally made it to Vancouver and I was so tired. I got on the plane with no trouble at all but remember falling asleep as soon as the plane took off, well in that instance on any international carrier they serve dinner within the first few hours so naturally I missed dinner. What got me so stunned and the fact that I instantly fell in love with Air New Zealand was the gentleman that was looking after me in my section he noticed I was awake and moving around so he naturally came over and offered me my dinner (and yes I was absolutely starving!!) That service screamed amazing service but not only did it not stop there, throughout the entire 12 hour flight, the flight crew constantly kept walking around with water infused with lemon and lime to refresh your water cups and even though I wasn’t an extreme traveller back then my reaction was like wow!

This is why Air New Zealand is the worlds #1 airline for the fourth year straight. Well Done!

Fast forward to todays flight – Im moving back to Whistler so naturally I thought I would fly back with Air New Zealand. This time flying over I wanted to experience the premium economy (as my first experience with premium was with Virgin Australia coming home in august from the USA). I made a bid online – which is easy to do and yes of coarse I was successful. I was so excited about because I was about to experience another airlines premium economy (this time the #1 airline). My parents came to the airport with me, they parked, helped me get checked in and came and had coffee with me before I loving gave them a kiss and a hug and bon voyage. First stop Auckland.

I’ve now reached Auckland -the plane was delayed out of Brisbane due to a smoke detector going off in the bathroom, which pushed my arrival time at Auckland back 3 hours (didn’t worry me but there were a few guest on board that were going to miss their domestic flights if they didn’t get off first). I spent an hour roaming the airport before I made my way to the gate where I can get priority boarding due to the fact that I indeed had a premium ticket. Take off has begun and my journey starts….

I’m now settling into my seat before we took off one of our cabin crew Philip comes around with a hot hand towel to wash your face – once everything was all good we took off and then dinner is about to begin. Whats on the menu?

Master stock poached chicken salad with green soba noodle, daikon and baby corn with pomegranate pearls with a selection of breads and also served on the first tray was the dessert a Dulce de Leche panda cotta with salted caramel (the first time I have had panda cotta and it was delicious!!). Our selection for my main was:-
1. Slow cooked beef with mashed mascarpone potatoes, cumin roasted carrots and radishes with silverbeet
2. Monkfish with smoked mussel and saffron chive sauce, crushed new potatoes, sautéed spinach and peas
3.Masala rubbed chicken breast, spiced rice with cauliflower, green beans and aubergine pickle with kachumber salad.

As I was waiting for Elaine to come around to take my order Chris (The cabin manager) was coming around the premium economy cabin to greet all the guests and ask where our final destination will be and I looked at that and was wowed even more. Chris you are amazing at your job and I’m super thankful that I got to be apart of your flight to Vancouver Canada.

Well I definitely slept well on this trip – as its now breakfast is being served. On the menu was yoghurt, fruit plate, cereal, hot croissant and your hot choice of pancakes or scrambled eggs.

Chris the manager and the crew in premium economy Philip & Elaine – thank you so much for your hospitality and service.

Thank you so much for reading this super long blog. I have always said that when writing these blogs I want to keep them to a short blog but sometimes its worth it to write a long one.

Much love xx


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